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We provide very high quality Natural Skin and Hair Care Products here at created by Rob Reid Consultants and TrustCosmetics®.



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PHOENIX™ Anti Wrinkle Rejuvenation SPF20
We at Trust Cosmetics create from a holistic view-point and these wonderful skin regenerating products will work for you the client in the same way. Our beautiful skin protection regimes stand for the excellence in Best Skin Care formulated by Rob Reid Consultants.

For low density (European) or high density (Nubian) Our natural organic products encourage your skin to express its unique special hue.

Light-Based Therapies for Skin of ColoYour Refferance


For that soft fresh Good Morning feeling just cream on our specially formulated skin protection and rejuvenation creams or simply lather up with our new range of soaps and bath bombs for 2016

We endeavour to operate on the basis of fair trade policy in exchange for goods and services.

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5 product stars
Pheonix RebornRose – 05/17/2015
Thank you Robert for such an Amazing product. I have been using this cream for less than a month. On my second bottle got a bit carried away applying this cream on my hands and feet. I have noticed such a massive improvement in my skin on my face not only does my skin look young beautiful and smooth but it has cleared up the break out of pimples that I would get around my chin, for years I tried so many different products to clear up my chin but nothing worked I am very pleased with the results.


All natural products – natural skin care

This product will help to flush the toxins (harmful chemicals) from your skin.
This product will help to smooth out the appearance of your skin so that it looks younger and healthier.

This product will help to keep your skin appearing firm, taught, and younger.

This product contains no phthalates, making it a safer cosmetic.

This product will help to heal your irritated, dry, and itchy skin.

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PHOENIX™ Anti Wrinkle Rejuvenation

PHOENIX™ Anti Wrinkle Rejuvenation