Whatever Social Media you’re using to navigate the internet, it will generate an Electromagnetic Frequency output to you. In you. Through you.

Electronic gadgets TV,Laptop,Fridge having multipurpose use in our daily life .They have become our friends and serve us as and when the need is felt .What is this need for and what are we compensating for .All the surveys come and bring the same issue of harmful radiations being radiated in our natural environment .

When we have global choice in this universe why are we accepting  negative vibrations generated through these devices which not only disturb the sleep of  our child but harm the entire health and well being which is every child’s birth right to survive and function in normality .

Why are we accepting  TVs, laptops, phones and screens inducing negative vibration energy disturbing our kids’ sleep? Jingin Metaphysics EMF Disruptions could be the solution. How to keep your child’s bedroom free from electronic distress and help them to enjoy sleep better.

Just put both Pocket GO under your Pillow or keep them in your socks if your a man or tucked in your bra. You can expect to feel a positive change from your Pocket Go within 10 min to settle you and your child.

Could EMF be why adults and teenagers are always tired and feel disconnected from self?