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Why do people sell phoney metaphysical tools and spiritual aids? I was so outraged that these Tricksters, Charlatans, Egyptologists on the Internet and the so called Lightworkers masquerading as healers.
On three separate occasions I have bought tools that did not work, because of this I then consciously started to engage in my spiritual esoteric journey.


How TVs, Phones and Screens spoil your children’s sleep

images (5)A survey has shown that using computers, mobiles and TVs at night affects children’s sleep and, therefore, their health, mood and performance at school.

Studies show that many children are severely sleep deprived, due to such games as Play Stations, Pokeman Go and all the latest gadgets.  One in three children aged 12 to 16 sleeps for just four to seven hours a night, according to a poll of 1,000 youngsters by The Sleep Council.
Children in this age group require eight to 10 hours’ sleep a night, say sleep experts for further info: Click HERE



Is A Contagious Virus Causing The Obesity Epidemic?

for more info click HERE



The Ground Breaking Earth Cell™






Support normal energy yielding metabolism

Complete B provides an excellent source of B vitamins to support normal energy yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 also contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.    For more info click HERE



Whatever Social Media you’re using to navigate the internet, it will generate an Electromagnetic Frequency output to you. In you. Through you.

Electronic gadgets TV,Laptop,Fridge having multipurpose use in our daily life .They have become our friends and serve us as and when the need is felt .What is this need for and what are we compensating for .All the surveys come and bring the same issue of harmful radiations being radiated in our natural environment .

When we have global choice in this universe why are we accepting  negative vibrations generated through these devices which not only disturb the sleep of  our child but harm the entire health and well being which is every child’s birth right to survive and function in normality .

Why are we accepting  TVs, laptops, phones and screens inducing negative vibration energy disturbing our kids’ sleep? Jingin Metaphysics EMF Disruptions could be the solution. How to keep your child’s bedroom free from electronic distress and help them to enjoy sleep better.

Just put both Pocket GO under your Pillow or keep them in your socks if your a man or tucked in your bra. You can expect to feel a positive change from your Pocket Go within 10 min to settle you and your child.

Could EMF be why adults and teenagers are always tired and feel disconnected from self?


Sleeptags The Ground Breaking Earth Cell™

The Ground Breaking Earth Cell™




When you're depressed you may feel that your emotions and thoughts have become a little unbalanced and life for some of you can feel very unfair and very distressing. The Jingin Metaphysics products created for have a proven track record of helping people with depression.

These products could be considered life changing metaphysical tools that can be utilized over and over again.


In most cases, depression could be diagnosed as being blocked or suppressed life force energy that can be linked to many of today's mobile towers, electrical appliances as well as energy vampires


Depression takes time to get hold of you, it is much more than simply feeling unhappy or out of sync with one self. At times we all go through spells of feeling down but when it becomes an everyday feeling you know something is very wrong.





Mind – Depression and what you can do!


Once you wear the energy pendant, you will gradually experience the release from negative energy itself and therefore the symptoms of depression disappear as a consequence. 

If we were to consider the worst case scenario, just after 10-20minutes of  wearing any of our products, should let us know if any of the Jingin metaphysical items can help you to align your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Ethereal, Soul and Astral energy giving you back a sense of well-being.

Furthermore, EMF will induce you into a depressed state due to over exposure and has been linked to many ailments which prevent an active normal life style.

I have found that a lack of green tones in ones aura usually means a non active social life. All things are possible and so we encourage you to use these handmade esoteric products from which have been known to help users in many ways back onto a road of recovery.




We invite you to try the Energy Pendants, Realignment Unit, Electro Magnetic Frequency Blockers, Duppy Busters, the amazing Copper Glow-Healing Rods and our fully charged Crystals.

Experience an engaging metaphysical Aladdin’s cave worth its weight in gold. Be sure to ask for thecopperglowshop or book an appointment for a private consultation with Jingin.

You can visit us right now at Unit 46, 48 Rye Lane, London, SE15 5BY  

Mobile 07968760564  Terms and Condition apply


The Ground Breaking Earth Cell™



Can Help Ease Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia & control your Appetite Imbalances or low levels of Serotonin may be responsible for Mood Disorders.

Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Introducing the Groundbreaking Earth Cell the Metaphysical Way to Help You Feel Better by Jingin Metaphysics

Sleeptags Balance Sweet dreams and detoxification from negative EMF.


The Ground Breaking Earth Cell™ Free PDF Here


This product is definitely more than the eye can see, literally. Simply wear close contact to the skin and feel the powerful release of your higher vibration. We are constantly bombarded by electrical appliances which produce radiation and depletes our energy. Sleeptags are the solution to this problem and suitable for children as well as adults.


Warning: Thecopperglow – Healing Rods™

Chat with me - thecopperglowshop Jingin
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COUNCIL-OF-LIGHTJingin has performed energy work on a long list of energy imbalances.

* Biofield detoxification
* De-stress emotionally and mentally
* Frequencies for tissue and organ regeneration
* Biofield imbalances caused by musculoskeletal pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, TMJ etc
* Boosting the immune system biofield
* Anti-aging and rejuvenation enhancement

You will have proved this to yourself. In as little as two weeks! Visit the TheCopperGlowShop for the free how to use these amazing tools

We reserve the right not to treat you or serve you in the shop

Warning: Thecopperglow - Healing Rods™ Have been known to manifest the users hearts desire so be careful what you ask yourself for. That's all the things you wanted to be or do with your lives but the personal pressure's you are made to struggle with have made you just forget.
Yes at first I tried not to believe it but it is true.
After about 3 to 7 sessions 35 min use of these high frequency and high energy manipulation tools, the most diligent clients swear that a particular problem Health/Financial seems to be resolving itself.

Here is the link CopperGlow-Healing_Rods

5 product stars
Contentment - Dihonn - 03/04/2015
Since I purchased my Chakra stones! There is definitely a calmness in the ambiance of my room!Will definitely be a regular customer at rob's shop!Thanks Rob- See you soon!

5 product stars
fulfilment - ellen - 03/04/2015
I have found that since I have visited Robs Shop and wore the pendant, I feel very light in my being a feeling of positive energy and fulfilment, to know what I mean by this you will need to visit Robs shop and experience this for your self, believe me you will see an enchanting change.

5 product stars
AmazingEnergy - Stephy "Queen of HeArts<3" Cheffy - 02/12/2015
Amazing energy <3 I so enjoyed our meeting earlier. Very knowledgable and empowering. 😉 I AM Glowing 😀 <3xoxoxStay true, always you. Follow your HeArt <3 Butt take your brain with you ;)Best store front I have seen in All of London! <3 <3 <3Maha Love <3<3 Q <3

5 product stars
I LOVE MY RODS!!!!! - Robert - 07/22/2014
Ever since Rob made my rods for me, there's been quite a few changes in my life.The zest that I had when I was in my early 20's is beginning to return to me and these days I feel more like my TRUE self.I'm slowly feeling more grounded, centered and whole.Now to work on manifesting. WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!!!Thanks Rob! 🙂

5 product stars
Many benefits as everything in my life slowly started to improve. - Josephine - 04/03/2014
My name is Josephine and I have been using the Healing rods and wearing the energy pendant since October last year. I have noticed so many benefits as everything in my life slowly started to improve. The challenges of life don't give me anxiety as they used to in the past. Worry and misery is gone and for once I am at peace. I am experiencing more clarity in my mind and spirit and for once I feel that there is meaning to life.I am now starting to believe in my own power and I am so grateful for finding this process of becoming my true self!I am now gliding through life....marvelling at the wonders and miracles as the healing and restoration process continues.

5 product stars
Healing rods! - Tammy - 03/24/2014
I have had my rods a little under a year now,I use them every day between 5 and 50 mins.At the time I brought the rods I was going through a lot of s**tAnd looking back now it is absolutely amazing how things have actually Changed for me and EVERY thing in my life,EVERY thing I asked for Has manifested! And the most amazing thing is that I watched it All happening.I couldn't be with out my rods!! Totally life changing powerful tools!!!

5 product stars
Rods of kemet - Empress D - 03/20/2014
I bought my Rods about two years ago, using the rods at least twice a week has changed my life. I'm more of a confident person, my thoughts are clearer and I am able to make more concrete decisions. I have noticed that peoples true nature has become increasingly apparent to and around me, it's as though they cannot hide who they are (Good, or bad). Whilst using the Rods I ask the gods for my hearts desires, I thank the gods for granting me my hearts desires. There are many positive aspects that have come along with using my Rods.Buying my Rods was and is the best decision I have made in a long time. Thank you The Copper Glow shop for providing me with these great tools

5 product stars
HEALING RODS - Sis B - 03/15/2014
I found these rods absolutely phenomenal in how they helped to calm my thoughts and allow me to still my mind and have great meditations. In doing so, they allowed me to watch as I saw some of my thoughts manifesting and also my health become better in profound ways. I have also used this product during a hospital stay and saw myself heal and leave hospital within days whilst commanding considerably less medication than previous visits. These rods work you keeps you balanced whilst strengthening your energy.

Ignorance can never validate intellect:


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